Bringing employers and potential employees together is our specialty at APPS.  Finding the right employee for your business is a daunting and time-consuming process.  We’re dedicated to making it easy for you.

Case Study 1: Returning to the workforce

Recently we came across a school mum who wished to rejoin the workforce, albeit with various restrictions on her time.  Maria had the expertise and the skills to become an excellent employee in the right scenario.  Enter Peter, from Sage Lending.  He runs a thriving Mortgage Broking company and has reached an exciting turning point where he requires more administrative assistance, so that he can focus more fully on building his successful business with his clients. 

At APPS, we were delighted to be able to administer a comprehensive screening process to assess the suitability of both parties to work together - for mutual benefit.  And it worked beautifully.

What has transpired is a happy scenario where Maria now has a great employer who appreciates her many skills, and Peter is, in fact, happy to pay an above award wage, and give her the flexibility to work from home at times, throughout the school holidays.  The transition was made all the smoother by our value-adding service of calculating all of the required costings, filling in all of the Superannuation, Taxation and Employment Agreement documents, and just let the two parties begin a harmonious and new working relationship.

“I found the process of engaging APPS to find me an administrative assistant very quick, easy and effective.  Within two days, I was able to interview a highly suitable applicant, and, with their help and professional approach, I’m now very pleased with the resulting outcome.  Maria, my new assistant, is a perfect fit for my business.” 
Peter, Sage Lending (2017)


Case Study 2 - I.T. Technician.

"Whenever we advertise a new position, it's common to receive over 150 applicants, and we simply don't have the time to screen and process them all properly. We engaged APPS this time, and their efficiency, honesty and direct approach was exceptionally helpful.

They handled the advertising, listened to our very specific brief and handed us a selection of candidates based on our particular criteria. Our choice was to find someone whose personality would fit our brand and Leah's psychological assessment skills proved to be very valuable.

In the I.T. industry there are many skilled technicians, so it was great to be able to ask Leah to narrow down our candidate options to seven or eight people. We were then able to hone the process from there and we couldn't be happier with Assured Personnel Placement Services recruitment system and highly cost-efficient assistance.

We certainly got the results we were looking for! Thank you APPS"

Adam Goudge, Australia Wide I.T. (2017)