Employers Beware

Yes, we know many employers are reluctant to use the services of a recruitment company. Some because of bad experiences, some because of the perceived cost involved.

Many employers will want to conduct the whole process themselves at the same time still trying to run their business and maintain their day to day activities. It can be a very hard act to juggle both!

Consider the time to draw up and post an ad, then reading the resumes you receive, setting up interview appointment times to suit you and the candidate. Then the second round of interviews, reference and CV Checks etc. That's probably taken a week away from your normal business duties.

Once a vacancy occurs within a business, whether by the creation of a new position or through someone leaving, a number of employers tend to rush the process without conducting care, diligence and due caution.

Appointing someone on a "they'll do" or "they're a friend of a friend" or " they're a close enough fit" can eventually lead to: -

  • The appointee not being suitably qualified and unable to perform to expectations.
  • Less work being completed and at a lower quality.
  • Colleagues at all levels having to 'carry' them.
  • Alienating the clients they come into contact with who will quite easily take their business elsewhere.

Those colleagues who carry them will soon lose interest themselves creating poor morale, costly errors, the loss of business trust of their customers externally and ultimately all could lead the company into litigation for breach of care / duty / supply.

And how easily will it be to try and offload poor staff - it's very difficult these days!

55% (that's over half) of Australian hiring managers have said lower productivity is the biggest cost of poor hiring decisions.

What is most important is the need to look into the employees past before you offer them a position and  ensure that what you see is the real deal.

Conduct reference checks both with previous employers, customers and even personal referees i.e. sporting bodies, hobby groups, community groups etc.

And then CV (Police) checks. Also 'Working with Children Checks' where applicable.

If they are required to drive, whether in their own or a company vehicle as part of their employment ensure they have the necessary driving skills, a current licence and a good (clean) driving history.

Bad employees can plague a business and cause financial hardship. Don't let your business be jeopardised by poor recruitment decisions - it will be you that suffers more than the employee.

And bear in mind customers once lost are very hard to win back.

Even though you may think recruitment companies cost the earth - not all of them do, you may be plesantly surprised and find your recruitment experience an easier one than you ever expected.